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Pharmed Plast Pouyan is one of the active member of Iranian Consortium Dialysis which was stablished in 2015 in the field of producing Medical grade PVC Granules and has started producing of medical plastic injection component since 2019 using international standards and using high Quality materials, skilled and specialized personnel and using the latest technology.



Pharmed Plast Pouyan’s mission is Design and Developing, producing Medical grade PVC Granules and plastic Injection components.

Policy and Qualitative goals

Parmed Plast Pouyan Company, as one of the companies producing raw materials and plastic injection components in the country and the region, intends to improve production conditions, supply and finally dialysis treatment in the light of integrated management.

The purpose of creating a policy is to attract and increase customer satisfaction by providing a product that meets their needs, taking into account the legal requirements and regulations applicable at all stages of the cycle, designing the production and providing the product and related services.

Pharmed Plast Pouyan pursues these fundamental goals by taking the following steps

  1. Production and development of products of the same quality based on related requirements and control over processes
  2. Selection of capable suppliers to supply quality raw materials according to the required requirements and beneficial cooperation and interaction with them in order to promote the supplier
  3. Reduce non-compliant and return products
  4. Increase customer response speed and customer satisfaction
  5. Continuous improvement through personnel training

Iran and Germany chamber of Commerce and Industry

Pharmed Plast Pouyan joined the member community of Iran and Germany Chamber of Commerce and Industry to develop trading.

Association of Medical, Dental & Lab Equipment Manufacturers

Association of Medical, Dental & Lab Equipment Manufacturers was stablished to reserve the legal rights and interests of producers and to set the necessary standards for quality control of services and products. All members of this association are obliged to observe the technical principles and also national standards. They also have to prove their capabilities of production in the field of medical equipment.

Iranian Syndicate of Medical Equipment Exporter

Based of high capacity of production and Infrastructure, this company has started exporting of products since 2019, member benefits from exchanging technical knowledge to improve export conditions. 

Certificates and Standards

Pharmed Plast Pouyan has started its activity within the framework of quality management system based on the requirements of ISO 13485: 2016 standard.

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4th Golestan, 4th Boustan, West Hafez Ave, Aboureihan Birouni Ave, Eshtehard Industrial Zone, Eshtehard, Alborz

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